Announcing Our Inaugural Draft

Today we are proud to announce the inaugural Cinedraft Fantasy Awards Season Movie Draft. This coming weekend we will be drafting movies. Then as awards season proceeds we will earn points based on how many awards those movies are nominated for, and eventually win. We will start slow, with the guild awards, then ratchet things up with the Golden Globes and then even moreso with the Oscars themselves.

The alphabet soup awards: (WGA/DGA/PGA/SAG)
1 point for every nomination, 5 points for every win.

Beginning with the Golden Globes we introduce a tier system, where more important categories garner more points. The tiers are as follows:

Tier 1: Best Picture
Tier 2: Acting/Writing/Directing
Tier 3: All other categories (But not the really small ones that are given out the week before, just the ones given out the night of, that are listed on the main Oscar website.)

Golden Globes:
Tier 1: 5 per nom, 20 per win
Tier 2: 2 per nom, 10 per win
Tier 3: 1 per nom, 5 per win

Tier 1: 10 per nom, 40 per win
Tier 2: 4 per nom, 20 per win
Tier 3: 2 per nom, 10 per win

You can pick any movie you want, there’s no authoritative list that you must pick from. You’re free to pick a movie that came out 5 years ago, but we will mock you mercilessly for it.

Be careful though, if the Razzies come out prior to the Oscars and one of your movies is on that list then you’ll lose points.(Exact number TBD)

Since this is the first year we’re trying to keep this as simple as possible, so this edition won’t feature trades or waiver wires, or anything like that.

We will hold our in-person draft this coming Saturday. Exact time and location are still TBA. We’ll select the random, snaking draft order that day. We think the experience will be the most fun with smaller league sizes, so depending on how many people want to play we may split things up into two or more leagues so more people have a chance at the big films.

Let Awards Season commence!

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