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Trailer for Ron Howard’s “Rush”

Starring Chris Hemsworth.


A little About Me – Rob Bernard

Hi, my name’s Rob, and I’m Cinedraft’s founder and tech guy. (The latter kind of leads to the former.) Me and my friends love movies and are eager to tell you what to think about them.

Top 5 Favorite movies:

1. Casablanca (1942)
4. Amelie (2001)
4. Roman Holiday (1953)
4. Once (2006)
5. Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983)

Favorite Childhood Movie:

Aladdin (1992)

Guilty Pleasure Movie:

Starship Troopers (1997)

Favorite Movie Scene:

I’ve thought about this question for quite a while, and I just can’t narrow it down to one scene. Casablanca is just one great scene after another. The entire freaking movie is quotable.

Types Of Movies I Just Can’t Get Into:

Movies that aren’t internally consistent.
Torture Porn.
Crude humor.

My Film Background:

I’m self-educated in the movies.  I first started getting into films my freshman year of college when I got a DVD drive to avoid having to interact with other people and I started to go to the on-campus movie screenings. I went through and watched every single film on AFI’s 100 Years, 100 Movies list, and I’ve tried to see as many Oscar-nominated movies as I can before the Oscar ceremony. For the 2013 Oscars I saw every nominated film except for The Gatekeepers, and Chasing Ice.

What I Watch For In Movies:

I tend to take a rather holistic approach. Yes, you have your auteurs out there, but for the most part a lot of things need to come together correctly to make a film work. Snappy dialog and nice cinematography are good, but what’s great is something that really draws you into another world, something that grabs you and really gives you an experience.

A Little (or a lot) About Me – Dave Bernard

This is the obligatory “Hi, my name is Dave and I like movies” post…so… Hi, I’m Dave…I like movies…like a lot…like way-too-much sometimes…

So the point of this initial post is for you all to be able to get to know a little about me, and my taste in movies. That way you may stand a better chance at knowing why I review something like “Independence Day” better than “There Will Be Blood.” (Seriously. “There Will Be Blood” had great acting and bowling-ball-related homicide, but, like just about every other PT Anderson film, it also had no plot. “ID4” [that’s right I just called it “ID4.” it’s what all the cool people in 1996/tragically uncool people in 2013 are calling it…] on the other hand had the best presidential speech ever caught on film, and Will Smith welcomes an alien to Earth by punching it in the mouth. Seriously, he’s all slimy and gross and Will Smith just rears back and punches him right in his big stupid face…there’s no way Daniel Day-Lewis, in all his acting/milkshake drinking glory, can come close to that…) Soooooo….anyhow…sorry for the parenthetical aside there…I tend to do that from time to time (read: ALL THE TIME). We all thought that we may be able to tell you a little about ourselves by answering the below questions related to our love of movies. Feel free to read as much (there’s a lot), or as little (I’d get bored too) as you like. (more…)