Daily Archives: April 16, 2013

New Trailer: Byzantium

Byzantium - Directed by Neil Jordan

A new international trailer today for Byzantium. Directed by  (Interview with the Vampire), and starring  (Hanna, The Lovely Bones) and  (Quantum of Solace, Clash of the Titans) features the residents of a coastal town learning the truth about two vampiric women who have taken shelter at a local resort.

(It was kind of hard coming up with 2 movies Gemma Arterton has been in that doesn’t sound like I’m being sarcastic.)

New Trailer: Star Trek Into Darkness

Cleveland International Film Festival

I attended the Cleveland International Film Festival (or CIFF) this past weekend.   As much as I love movies, I have to admit that this was my very first film festival.  It was amazing!  The CIFF was very well organized, diverse in its options, not pretentious, reasonably priced, and just wonderful.  I also really lucked out and happened to enjoy every movie I saw.  Some more than others of course, but overall everything was great.  You will notice that I watched mostly documentaries.  This was not my plan initially, but just how it worked out with show times and specific subjects of interest.

As this is already going to be a long post, I will not write a full review of each film that I watched, but here are my general impressions of the 10 movies I viewed:

Casting By
This is a wonderful documentary about Casting Directors, mainly Marion Dougherty.  It does an excellent job of showing how the profession has changed over the years and the real impact a great Casting Director can have on a TV show or Movie.  It also covers the lack of respect that the (seemingly) majority of the industry gives to this position.  The documentary features some of the biggest names in the industry (Martin Scorsese and Clint Eastwood to name a few) talking about the importance of a great casting director and the need to recognize their achievements.  It is creatively done and fun to watch. (more…)