Daily Archives: April 17, 2013

New Trailer: The Lone Ranger

I haven’t been sold on this movie so far, but this trailer at least makes it look like a complete movie and not just Johnny Depp walking around being wacky in redface.


Trailer: Shadow Dancer

The trailer for Shadow Dancer piqued my interest, though a lot of that could just be the trailer’s music. (Plus I’m a sucker for a Clive Owen film.) Directed by  (Man on Wire, Project Nim) and starring  (Oblivion), , and , Shadow Dancer is the story of an Irish woman arrested for her part in a failed bombing who is given the chance by MI:5 to return home if she will spy on her IRA brothers.

*Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

Star Wars and Pixar news from Cinemacon

Star Wars

Disney’s making some news out of Cinemacon today. First is news that starting in summer 2015 we’ll get a new Star Wars movie every summer, alternating between the main roman-numeraled ones and the standalone movies. Also announced is that the Pixar film which Pete Docter (Up, Monster, Inc.) is directing is scheduled for release June 19, 2015, and is titled ” Inside Out”. Reportedly it will be about the inside of a girl’s mind. (more…)

New trailer: Man of Steel

Now with more Russel Crowe! This is the third trailer for Man of Steel. It’s looking kind of awesome.