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Trailer: The Internship

The Internship

In The Internship  (Real Steel, Night at the Museum) directs and  and  star as two older men who get an internship with Google and must battle younger, smarter interns to earn a job with the search giant.

2013 Cannes Film Festival Lineup

This year’s lineup at Cannes has been announced. I’ve done my best to collect trailers where I can, though some aren’t in English.



  • “The Great Gatsby” (Baz Luhrmann)


Trailer: R.I.P.D.


Directed by  (RedFlightplan), and starring , and , R.I.P.D. follows a recently deceased cop who joins an undead police force to hunt down dead criminals wandering the streets. Strong Men in Black vibe from this one, with Reynolds playing Will Smith, and Bridges playing Rooster Cogburn playing Tommy Lee Jones.