Daily Archives: April 24, 2013

Zach Braff Launches Kickstarter Campaign For His Next Movie – “Wish I Was Here”

Wish I Was Here

The floodgates are open. Following on the heels of the tremendously Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter, Zach Braff has launched a Kickstarter campaign of his own.  The film is titled “Wish I Was Here”, and is described a “continuation of the tone” from Braff’s directorial debut, Garden State. The campaign has a goal of $2 million, and has raised $684k at the moment. (more…)

Trailer: The Bling Ring

The Bling Ring

 directs , and  in this “inspired by actual events” story of a group of celebrity-obsessed teens who track celebrities and rob their houses. Opens in limited release on June 14th.