OMG, an Ender’s Game Trailer Actually Exists!

Ender's Game

Variety reports on Lionsgate’s presentation at Cinemacon today. Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld and Harrison Ford were on-hand to present an extended look at the Ender’s Game movie, and the trailer was premiered. The trailer will be attached to Star Trek Into Darkness, being released May 17th. Per Variety, Ford “promised that the movie will touch moviegoer’s hearts.”

Lionsgate also touted Catching Fire, Red 2, Much Ado About Nothing, Now You See Me, and Divergent, as well as presenting an updated logo, but I’m geeking out too much about Ender’s Game to go into details about those. Ender’s Game was my absolute favorite book growing up, I can’t wait to get a peek at the trailer. I’m starting to think this movie might actually be released…


Source: Variety

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