Random Film Stuff: Classic Film Reels as Art

Hey Movie Nerds! Check this out. It’s about every kind of awesome…if you’re the right kind of nerd, I suppose. Austrian photographer Reiner Riedler has created a series of photos (“The Unseen Seen”) that captures images of classic (mostly…some even I have never heard of) film reels. This may not sound like a terribly interesting thing to many people, but looking at the work it’s actually kind of cool. On some reels, if you know the films well, you can see how an overall style or color can be seen by looking at the reel as a whole. Some of them are a little less obvious, but still cool looking none the less. Check out Riedler’s work by clicking on the link below. Also, how cool of a name is Reiner?

 “The Unseen Seen”

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