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From the Web: Steven Soderbergh, State of Cinema

Oscar winning Director Steven Soderbergh gave the “State of Cinema” address (or rant) at the San Francisco International Film Festival this year, and Indiewire has posted the full transcript and video of this speech.  Whether you agree wholeheartedly, not at all, or somewhere in between, I think this is interesting food for thought for all film lovers.

“I get it, it’s the studio, you need all kinds of movies. You need comedies, you need horror films, you need action films, you need animated films, I get it. But the point is, can’t some of these be cinema also?”

Here is the link to the transcript if you would like to read it, or you can watch the nearly 40 minute video shown below.

Note: there is swearing in this speech


 *Photo Courtesy of Five Continents Imports, LLC