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Horror Film Tournament – Round 2 – The Scary Sixteen

Cinedraft Horror Film Bracket

Welcome back to week two of Cinedraft’s Horror Film Tournament! Round 1 saw some upsets, with 10-seed Invasion of the Body Snatchers taking down 7-seed King Kong, and 14-seed Dawn of the Dead taking out 3-seed A Nightmare on Elm Street. This week we see a Hitchcock matchup in the Classic region, with The Birds up against Psycho, while George Romero’s classics Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead face off. And, speaking of faces being off, Leatherface and Michael Myers are also battling it out this week.

As with last week, you can vote in Round 2 until Midnight on Friday. Let us know in the comments and on Facebook what your think about the Second Round matchups!

Cinedraft Horror Film Bracket