Rob’s Review: The Hangover Part III

Letter Grade:

The Good:

A deeper, more heartfelt Hangover movie.
Grander and more epic.

The Bad:

Helms and Cooper are just along for the ride.
The things in the Pro column make it a worse comedy.

Cast & Crew:

Writer: Todd Phillips, Craig Mazin
Director: Todd Phillips
Stars: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong, John Goodman, Melissa McCarthy, Jeffrey Tambor, and Heather Graham

Rated R for pervasive language including sexual references, some violence and drug content, and brief graphic nudity

[Giraffes] remind me a lot of myself
They’re majestic, pensive, and tall.
The Hangover Part III is something of an odd duck. (Which, in the case of this movie is a lot better than being a dog or a giraffe, things do NOT go well for them…) Part III’s tone is quite a bit different than the first two films. The first film mixed pathos with insanity pretty well, but the second film veered much more towards the insanity. For Part III they’ve gone and over-corrected in the other direction. Part III is a deeper and more heartfelt, and that probably make is a better “film”, but a worse comedy.
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Zach Galifianakis’ Alan is going through a rough(er) patch. He has been off his meds and decapitated a giraffe on a freeway overpass, leading his friends and family to stage an intervention. He agrees to go into treatment only if the Wolfpack will reassemble to take him to the rehab center. So the gang (Bradley CooperEd Helms, and Justin Bartha) reassembles and off they go. They run into trouble on the road though as John Goodman intercepts them and kidnaps Doug until the Wolfpack finds Mr Chow (Ken Jeong), who has broken out of a Thai prison and owes Goodman’s character $21 million.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Part III has a much grander and more epic feel than the previous movies, and there’s some really nice landscape cinematography. The movie really belongs to Galifianakis and Jeong though, while Cooper and Helms are mostly just along for the ride. You get a lot more character development for Alan and Mr. Chow than you would expect. The film is at its best when this is happening, but as a comedy it does suffer from it as well.  You’re not going to find as many laughs as you might expect, though the ones that are there are still quality.

If you’ve seen the first two movies you should probably see this one too, but there’s no need to rush out. If you haven’t seen the first two then don’t bother with the third.  It’s a decent wrap-up to the trilogy, but it doesn’t quite cut it as a comedy.
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