May Movie Preview: Part 1

We hope that many of you went to the movies this past weekend.  Maybe you saw the new Spider-Man, or maybe you caught up on something that you’ve been meaning to see.  There is a lot going on in May. Here is what’s happening during the first part of the month. Some of our comments are relevant…

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Release Date: May 2

Synopsis: Peter Parker runs the gauntlet as the mysterious company Oscorp sends up a slew of supervillains against him, impacting on his life. Directed by Marc Webb and starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Paul Giamatti and Sally Field.

Our Thoughts:

Dave: I generally think I liked the first movie in this rebooted series more than most people did. I’m cautiously optimistic about this… Even if the Jamie Fox villain looks kind of dumb.

Jennie: I know the standard complaint is that there are too many villains, but seriously…

Also, Dane DeHaan’s hair both as Harry Osborn and the Green Goblin is a hot mess. (I understand that isn’t even remotely important, but I don’t trust a movie that didn’t have 1 single person on their staff that said maybe let’s go a different way)

Dave: I’m a little upset that they haven’t brought back that guy from Wings. Who doesn’t like Wings? Someone from Wings should play a villain in all movies.

I heard they are going to cast Crystal Bernard as Venom in the next one.

Felix: Steven Weber as The Vulture

Jennie: Tim Daly as Hobgoblin

Felix: Tony Shaloub as King Ping


Rob: I disliked the first movie in this rebooted series more than most, so things can only go up from there. At least this won’t be another damn origin story…

Nicole: I enjoyed this incarnation the first time, so I assume I will like this as well. Aside from Green Lantern, it is hard to find a superhero movie that I don’t like so I may be slightly biased. Emma Stone also adds to the movie in the sense that her character is not a waif-like damsel. I generally love Kirsten Dunst but Stone’s Gwen is far superior to Dunst’s Mary Jane.

Dave: ^Super Nerd

Nicole: ^absolutely

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Release Date: May 2

Synopsis: An illegitimate mixed race daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral is raised by her aristocratic great-uncle.  Directed by Amma Asante and starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Tom Wilkinson, Miranda Richardson, Penelope Wilton, Matthew Goode, Emily Watson and Tom Felton.

Our Thoughts:

Dave: I may have fallen asleep during this trailer. It doesn’t look bad per se (that’s right, I said “per se”) just not something I’m going to run out and see. That being said… Tom Wilkinson is pretty awesome.

Jennie: It seems like a standard historical drama. It will be heart wrenching and heartwarming, and there will be several characters you really hope get the plague and die painfully.

Felix: It seems like Oscar bait that bored the fish away. I’ll see it, when it’s available on video streaming.

Nicole: This looks good if not fairly predictable. The lead actress looks fantastic. On a side note, I really wish Tom Felton could play a nice guy. I feel like that damn Malfoy character is going to be all people think he is capable of!

Jennie: I think he’s a nice guy in From the Rough

Rob: Aww, I miss Michael Clark Duncan


Walk of Shame

Release Date: May 2

Synopsis: A reporter’s dream of becoming a news anchor is compromised after a one-night stand leaves her stranded in downtown L.A. without a phone, car, ID or money – and only 8 hours to make it to the most important job interview of her life. Directed by Steven Brill and starring Elizabeth Banks, James Marsden, Gillian Jacobs, Sarah Wright, Ethan Suplee, Oliver Hudson, Willie Garson.

Our Thoughts:

Jennie: I don’t know, it might be funny… usually they put all the super funny stuff in the trailer though…

Dave: This preview got one mild chuckle out of me. I’m assuming it will be one of those “Hey remember this movie! It’s free on Netflix now. Let’s play it in the background while not really paying attention to it” kind of movies.

Felix: Oh, I do not want to see this movie. But if it makes money, I’ll happily see the sequel: Walk of Shame 2: Electric-Walkway-loo

Rob: Are we sure this isn’t a modern remake of The Warriors? It could be good if it weren’t for it being based on the premise that the motive of every person involved is to keep her from getting home for no good reason…

Nicole: Worst walk of shame ever. I love Elizabeth Banks. She has great timing and I think she could easily be a lead but I’m not sure this movie was the right choice. I will absolutely watch it when it is released on DVD.



Release Date: May 9

Synopsis: A couple with a newborn baby face unexpected difficulties after they are forced to live next to a fraternity house.  Directed by Nicholas Stoller and starring Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Rose Byrne and Dave Franco.

Our Thoughts:

Dave: Zac Efron is 26. Unless he’s in med school and in a fraternity, he should be done with college. Looks relatively funny though. There’s something strangely satisfying about seeing Zac Efron getting punched in the face in other previews for this movie. I can’t believe they left that out of this one. Probably the biggest selling point I’ve seen so far for this movie… Aside from Seth Rogen’s general funnyness.

Jennie: I’m at the point of my life that I hope the “old” guys win, which may be where this ends up going. Either that or they are all just going to become friends. Either way, ridiculous vulgar college movies are generally funny.

Felix: I thought this movie was supposed come out last year. Why did it get pushed back?

None the less, I’m actually looking forward to this movie. There are some good running gags in the previews, and Zac Efron GETS PUNCHED IN THE FACE! That’s what happens when you graduate High School Musical!

Nicole: I can’t wait for this movie. No matter how ridiculous he is, I love Seth Rogan. And even though he basically plays the same guy in every movie, I still laugh. I feel like he would like our group of friends. I could see us hanging out at the bar. Plus, for the ladies, a little shirtless Zac Efron. Never gonna pass that up.

Jennie: I think ridiculous is good in this sort of movie.



Release Date: May 9

Synopsis: A chef who loses his restaurant job starts up a food truck in an effort to reclaim his creative promise, while piecing back together his estranged family.  Written and Directed by Jon Favreau, who also stars in it alongside Sofía Vergara, John Leguizamo, Scarlett Johansson, Oliver Platt, Bobby Cannavale, Dustin Hoffman, and Robert Downey, Jr.

Our Thoughts:

Dave: Yeah. I’ll see this one. Has potential to be a really nice underrated movie. I like food. I like shows about food. I like Jon Favreau, Dustin Hoffman, Scarlett Johansson, and Robert Downey Jr. I’ll see this movie.

Jennie: What are the Marvel folks doing on their time off? Apparently eating, cooking and buying taco trucks. I’m pretty interested in this one. The cast looks great, the food looks great, plus Anthony Bourdain loved it and I trust him on this sort of thing.

Rob: I’ve heard a lot of chatter about this one, hope it lives up to the hype.

Jennie: I generally trust Jon Favreau. Comboys & Aliens was a bit of a hot mess… but in general….

Felix: Well, all movies in which we judge a director prior to a big film, this is a preview to Jungle Book!

Nicole: I love this cast. Honestly, I hadn’t heard of it but I am definitely putting on my must see list. If only to see the food creations. Excited.


Moms’ Night Out

Release Date: May 9

Synopsis: All Allyson and her friends want is a peaceful, grown-up evening of dinner and fun – a long-needed moms’ night out. But in order to enjoy high heels, adult conversation, and food not served in a bag, they need their husbands to watch the kids for a few hours … what could go wrong?  Directed by Andrew and Jon Erwin and starring Sarah Drew, Trace Adkins, Sean Astin, and Patricia Heaton.

Our Thoughts:

Dave: Stop. Just stop. OK? Stop. Trace Adkins is one of the big stars in this movie. It’s got to be garbage, right? Just stop making stupid things.

Jennie: They are already scheduling the rotation of this on abc Family

Rob: Zero interest.

Jennie: My guess is one of the only things that will boost the attendance (at least a little bit) is that it’s being released mother’s day weekend.

Seriously though, it looks as though they made a movie for the sole purpose of having something to loop on TV for mother’s day.

Dave: It’s almost as if those marketing people know what they are doing.

Nicole: While I may relate to some of the general sentiment, I have absolutely no interest in seeing this. I saw it advertised at the Christian Book Store and just assumed it was a straight to DVD release. Is this seriously going to the theaters?!


God’s Pocket

Release Date: May 9

Synopsis: When Mickey’s crazy stepson Leon is killed in a construction ‘accident’, nobody in the working class neighborhood of God’s Pocket is sorry he’s gone. Mickey tries to bury the bad news with the body, but when the boy’s mother demands the truth, Mickey finds himself stuck in a life and death struggle between a body he can’t bury, a wife he can’t please and a debt he can’t pay.  Directed by John Slattery and starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Richard Jenkins, Christina Hendricks, John Turturro, Caleb Landry Jones, and Eddie Marsan.

Our Thoughts:

Dave: Huh. I’ll watch this one. Great cast AND it’s directed by Roger sterling. I might even say that I’m excited for this one after seeing the preview.

Jennie: This looks pretty cool. Sort of a Gangster Movie/Blue Collar Thriller. I usually like both those types of movies plus the cast looks great.

Rob: Great cast, still not sure what it’s really about though…

Nicole: I’m with Rob on this. I mean, I get it but I’m not sure I really GET it. I will watch it simply because I miss PSH. Still bummed about that one.

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